The company’s shareholder policy aims to create shareholder value through our emphasis on ”Cost and Service Leadership”, constantly improving customer service and focusing on operational efficiency, thereby growing the business profitability.

IMSK’s goal of creating value for its shareholders means a continuous focus on ensuring that the company’s balance sheet and its financing – inclusive of its equity – is adapted to the company’s objectives, strategy and risk profile.

The Board of Directors has adopted a financial policy that amongst others have targeted an equity ratio (book equity in percent of total assets) of no less than 30 percent.

The company favors a dividend policy based on financial performance, but the increase in share price should, over time, account for the largest part of the return on shareholder investment. When appropriate, and particularly when the share price is considered low, the company aims to buy back its own shares from the market.

In correspondence with the Norwegian code of practice for corporate governance shareholders have the opportunity at each annual general meeting to approve any mandate to the Board of Directors to issue shares or purchase own shares.