Norgas Carriers’  main business activities

Norgas business activity focus on marine logistics solutions for regional distribution of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Our core competence stems from the transportation of liquefied gasses such as LNG, petrochemical gases, ethane as well as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

Our primary concept is the creation of a “Virtual Pipeline” through transportation and integration of LNG for the energy services, mining and industrial sectors in emerging markets. We target to replace primarily diesel with natural gas, lowering operating costs for our clients as well as reducing the environmental impact. The Norgas solutions are modular and scalable, allowing for fast deployment and reduced costs.

Our marine experience at a glance

More than 10 years in SSLNG.

Gas transportation35+GlobalOperated vessel fleet since 1980s - up to 12,000m3 gas carriers
SSLNG vessel construction2006/2011ChinaDesigned, supervised, delivered six 10-12,000m3 SSLNG/multigas carriers
SSLNG carrier operation7+GlobalOperated six 10-12,000m3 SSLNG/multigas carriers
SSLNG project development10+Africa, Middle East, Asia and EuropeDeveloped complex SSLNG logistic solutions for:
• Ghana SSLNG facilities (2018)
• Sangu / Bangladesh (2018)
• GMR / India (2016)
• Bali LNG solution (2015)
• Bintulu / China (20XX)
• Bahrain LNG (2011)
• Nordic LNG (2010)
including LNG sourcing, transportation, storage, delivery, regasification and monitoring
Ship to ship LNG transfers10+Global Experienced LNG STS operator
Previously 50% owner of an LNG STS company
Commissioned 3rd loading arm of Singapore LNG's 3rd terminal