Norgas Carriers’s core business is the seaborne transport and logistics of liquified gases, such as petrochemical gases, LPG and LNG

Norgas Carriers Private Limited (Norgas) is a leading integrated shipping company involved in the global transportation of petrochemical gases, LPG, chemicals and LNG. Through our offices located in Oslo and Singapore, we provide leading edge transportation solutions to our customers worldwide.

Our client base consists of the leading petrochemical companies in the world as well as the major traders of their products. The key products we transport are the monomers. i.e. the products that will become plastics we use in our everyday life. The key monomers are ethylene, propylene and butadiene as well as VCM (vinyl Chloride Monomer). In room temperature these are all gaseous but for transport economics they are transported in their liquid form at temperatures down to minus 104 degrees C. With our advanced cargo handling system we can maintain these low temperatures even though voyages can last for more than a month.

Norgas is operating a fleet of 5 advanced gas carriers, in sizes from 8 000 m³ to 10 000 m³. In the Norgas fleet there are 2 vessels that have the capability to transport LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) in addition to petrochemical gases and LPG. All vessels in the fleet are equipped with advanced cargo handling system enabling them to safely and efficiently change between types of cargoes transported.

Norgas provides:

  • A global full-service
  • Cost-effective transport of petrochemical and liquid petrochemical gases (LPG)

With specific focus on:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Environmentally-friendly operations