Lack of access to affordable and reliable energy solutions are key barriers to economic and social development. At the same time sustainable low-carbon solutions are urgently needed for various hard-to-abate sectors to combat climate change:

  • We view liquid natural gas distributed by Small-Scale solutions a key transition fuel replacing diesel and one of the favored energy sources for developing countries because of its comparatively lower cost and lower emissions from production and combustion.
  • We view Ammonia distributed by Small-Scale solutions as the preferred Hydrogen carrier because of its favorable properties at liquid state (density and temperature), offering a zero-emission fuel for deep sea / heavy transportation and captive power generation.
  • We view seaborne CO₂ transportation to be a key component of Carbon Capture Storage projects, required to decarbonize selected industries and to accelerate the shift to net-zero emissions.

Our mission is to enable efficient and safe transportation of these liquefied gases, supporting the acceleration to net-zero emissions. Providing cleaner, low-carbon and more cost-efficient sources of energy for hard-to abate sectors.

Our vision is to be the preferred provider of the marine logistics solutions for the regional and domestic distribution of these liquefied gases in cooperation with local content partners.