More than 10 years in SSLNG.

LPG transportationAbt. 40 yearsGlobalOperated vessel fleet since 1982 - up to 12,000m3 gas carriers, transporting LPG, Ethane, Ethylene, Butadiene and Ammonia.
SSLNG transportationAbt. 10 yearsGlobalOperated SSLNG vessels since 2010 – six 10,000 to 12,000m3 Multigas carriers.
CO2 capable gas carriersAbt. 15 yearsGlobalDesigned, constructed and operated six 8-10,000m3 Ethylene carriers with CO2 notation.
Specialized gas carrier construction2003 / 2011ChinaDesigned, supervised, delivered 18 x 6-12,000m3 LPG / SSLNG multigas carriers in China.
CO2 project development10+GlobalParticipated in developing logistics solutions for different CCS projects, including a demonstration project being led by the UK affiliate of German power utility RWE npower launched in 2008.
SSLNG project development10+Africa, Middle East, Asia and EuropeDeveloped complex SSLNG logistic solutions for:
• SEA - LNG to Power project (2020)
• Nigeria - flare gas project (2020)
• Africa - SSLNG hub solution (2018-2020)
• Ghana - SSLNG import facilities (2018)
• Bangladesh – Sangu LNG import facilities (2018)
• West coast India – SSLNG import facilities (2016)
• Bali LNG solution (2015)
• Bintulu / China (2015)
• Bahrain LNG import solution (2011)
• Nordic LNG (2010)
including LNG sourcing, transportation, storage, delivery, regasification and monitoring
Ship to ship transfers (STS) of Liquefied Gases10+Global Experienced LNG STS operator
Previously 50% owner of an LNG STS company
Commissioned 3rd loading arm of Singapore LNG's 3rd terminal