Norgas Carriers is committed to making a positive impact on both particle emissions and carbon emissions through the development of regional liquefied gas distribution networks in emerging markets. Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, and in the context of the current energy transition sought by the Paris climate agreement, it represents an excellent transition fuel to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat global warming. Ammonia is a zero emissions fuel if it is produced from electrolysis and represents a solution for hard-to-abate sectors. Carbon capture storage projects are required to accelerate the shift to net zero and combat climate change, and liquid CO₂ transportation is a key ingredient. By developing the use of liquefied gases – particularly for industry and transport in emerging markets – Norgas aims to actively contribute to social and economic development while at the same time protecting the environment.

Norgas Carriers recognizes the responsibility we have to treat the environment in which we operate with the utmost respect. To this end, reducing environmental impact is an imperative in our operations. Our guiding principle is that all accidents resulting in environmental harm can be prevented. That is why continuous improvement and prevention of pollution is an inherent part of all areas of our activities. We will continuously evaluate the environmental risk factor of our operations. As a participant in the transportation sector we are actively working to minimize the environmental impact of our activities and reduce the use of energy and natural resources. We are aiming to reduce waste through efficient recycling and continuous improvement of the management of our resources. We continue to strive for increased energy efficiency in all aspects of our operations leading to reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions to the environment.