Norgas has developed flexible small-scale Floating  Storage and Regasification Units (FSRUs) for gas consumers not connected to a gas pipeline today. The FSRUs  can be constructed as a floating barge , as a floating hull or as a self-elevated platform solution.

The Norgas FSRU is a Jettyless FSRU Solution and it is Tsunami Resilient

  • Norgas has developed a Floating small-scale Storage and Regas Unit (FSRU) as a barge solution for stranded gas consumers.
    • The FSRU unit will be permanently stationed alongside a shore- based consumer (e.g.power plant).
    • The FSRU can be located in shallow waters in areas susceptible to Tsunamis.
    • To achieve this, we are using a Self-Elevated Platform/Barge to house the relevant equipment.
  • The FSRU unit is fitted with re-gas vaporisers, associated pumps, a BOG compressor, sufficient
    storage tanks, and can be raised above the maximum expected tide and wave height.
  • The annual volumes of LNG transported and converted to gas and fed to the power plant will ­increase over time. To stagger the capital expenditure, we have a solution where 3 tanks each 2,500 m3 can be installed in the initial phase and more tanks added progressively as the ‘take-out’ ­volumes increase. The initial design concept takes into account such “plug & play” concept for the tanks to minimise future down time and disruption.
  • A Norgas design small-scale LNG shuttle vessel will call alongside the FSRU unit periodically and safely moore to top up the 7,500-12,500 storage tanks.
Brief technical details
Storage capacity: 7,500 – 12,500 cub.m (modular)
Regas capacity: Abt. 10 mmscfd
Legs: Pipe legs / column type legs
Accommodation:For 10 persons
Lead time: 24-30 months inc. commissioning

Download brochure: NORGAS FSRU