Norgas has relations with both liquefied gas producers and traders around the world and can develop liquefied gasvolumes for its clients based on location and demand. We have also developed our own small scale liquefaction conceptsfor natural gas.

The Norgas SSLNG Liquefaction Solution for Shallow Offshore Fields Fast Track, Flexible and Weather Resistant

  • Norgas has developed a concept for enabling liquefaction and storage of LNG by retrofit of an existing Jack-Up rig, positioned in stranded, shallow water gas fields, providing the following benefits:
    • Reduced lead-time compared to conventional FLNG solution – 15-24 months.
    • Faster mobilization and requires no site preparation or construction.
    • Weather resistant solution utilizing existing infrastructure available at low cost (the Jack-Up Rig).
    • Can be combined with the Norgas MINI LNG vessel, providing a full solution for smaller gas fields from ­liquefaction to distribution to end users.
  • Owing to the modular nature of the liquefaction plant as well as the tanks, the components can be located on a single or multiple rig(s) depending on the throughput and liquefaction volumes and thus is a scalable and flexible solution.
  • The liquefied LNG can be stored and subsequently loaded on a feeder vessel for transportation to a shore-based consumer installation in the nearby coastal region, thereby increasing the outreach of the gas field.
  • This solution can be retrofitted on an existing Jack up rig at a suitable yard where the equipment is available and is then subsequently towed to position.
  • A multi buoy mooring arrangement in conjunction with the SSLNG vessel’s thrusters or dynamic
    positioning capability would enable the SSLNG vessel to position itself safely alongside the self-elevating platform without loading the rig stations.
  • In addition to smaller stranded gas fields, the solution can be utilized to capture and utilize flare gas
    at shallow offshore oil and gas production sites.
Brief technical details
Jack-Up Rig: A secondhand jack-up rig sourced for the retrofit of a 100k TPA liquefaction plant and 4,000m3 of LNG storage. The rig is designed for all-year operation in depts down to 80m of water. 
Liquefaction capacity: 100k TPA / 13.75 mmscfd
Storage capacity: 4,000m3 of LNG
Lead time: 15-24 months
Applicable for: Stranded offshore gas fields in shallow waters (down to 80m depths)
Variable load capacity: Abt. 4,000 T
Overall length: Abt. 70m

Download brochure: NORGAS LIQUEFACTION Self Elevating Liquefaction And Storage Solution